Wall Mounted Clothes Drying Rack – DIY Project

If you are living in a smaller house, space becomes a real problem. You have to find different ways on how to optimize all that you have in a way that makes you feel good, happy and organized. In any house there is a lot of washing to do especially in the ones where kids live so that means clothes are hanging to dry all the time. If you can’t fit a dryer in your laundry room or anywhere where you do the washing, try out this solution we will show you, the wall mounted drying rack that folds in and out depending on your needs.

Even if you have enough space, this project once done will allow you to keep your stuff much more organized in the house. The costs of building this are almost zero if you have an old crib available to be repurposed, if not you might need to purchase the panels from a shop.

What you will need:

– 2 x 2 baby jail panels from an old crib hinged together;
– some plant hooks that can be wall mounted and hold the panels;
– 2 pieces of wood to serve as ledge for the in-use, folded rack;
– different tools to mount the jail panels, such as hammer drills, like in this guide, for concrete or brick walls.


1. Prepare the baby jail panels by unmounting them from the crib and hinge them together 2 by 2 (you can slip a bolt through the end of the panels and secure the fastener with a washer and wing nut).

2. Screw the plant hooks into the wall at a reasonable distance between them, you need two hooks for each panel.

3. Install the small pieces of wood at the right height to serve as a ledge for the in-use, folded rack. When the rack is folded, should look like a “V” shape and this will allow air to circulate better between the clothes.

4. Hang each panel on the hooks. That’s it! Either you keep it in the V position, either you keep it in the simple hanging one this rack will be a great help for you!


Source: nwedible.

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