Tips on Styling Your Virtual Background with the Help of Designers

Nobody wants to be stuck in a Zoom meeting that is nothing but tedious. If people sometimes dreaded sitting through meetings when everyone was in the office together, they probably dread Zoom meetings more. But all hope is not lost.

Even the dullest meeting can be brightened up if each participant has an eye-catching background. It can even serve as an icebreaker for anyone who may be uncomfortable attending a meeting in this format. It’s easy to create a background for your workspace that will get your fellow attendees interested and engaged. Here are some creative ideas from Pier 1 for styling your Zoom background.

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1. Create A Quiet But Well Lit Office Space

If you don’t have room for a home office, you may be wondering where you should sit when you participate in a virtual meeting. The truth is that any quiet, well-light corner of your home can be turned into an “office.” It should be a part of your house where pets or other household members won’t interfere with your meeting.

The space you choose should be able to accommodate the equipment you’ll need. A small table can hold your laptop and the few supplies you might need during a meeting. Ideally, you’ll want the table to be next to a window. This way you have access to natural light, which will hit at an angle that makes you better visible to your team. Try to avoid sitting with a window behind you, because your fellow meeting participants will only see your shadow otherwise.

If you can, set up a three-point lighting system. A light directly to the left or right of your webcam will make you more visible. If you can’t set this up, you can use a desk or floor lamp.

2. Create A Barrier

The items behind you may be distracting to others in the meeting. You can avoid this by creating a barrier, using furniture or curtains. The more you are separated from other areas of your home, the more you can make any space look like an office.

3. Get Organized

Nothing is more distracting than clutter in the background. A great way to get around this is to use some decorative storage materials. You can add to your home decor by using a shelf to keep your belongings neat. The shelf can be made of wood, glass, or metal and can hold objects like books and photos, as well as the supplies you use for work. Storage bins are also a good way to keep your office space organized and uncluttered.

4. Bring The Outdoors Indoors

If you don’t want your belongings lying around in the background, consider filling your office space with indoor decorative plants. Whether you keep real plants around the house, or you prefer fake, it will make your surroundings look more peaceful. Plants can even make the air in the room smell better, and give you a sense of being outside even when you are stuck inside.

5. Use A Downloaded Background

When you feel like sprucing up your workspace just for a meeting is time or labor-intensive, all you have to do is download a background. Pier 1 has a blog that offers background ideas you can use to make your space look like an office, even if it isn’t one.

Yes, Zoom meetings can feel like a distraction sometimes. But the happier you are in your meeting space, the easier they will be to endure.

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