Bring Classic Back With These Vintage Spoon Pendants

vintage spoon necklaces

As you might have noticed, vintage is now in season. When it comes to vintage style, you definitely can’t leave out these vintage spoon pendants. As what we can observe from the runway trends, intricate embroidery (cue Gucci’s super insanely snake collection), vintage-inspired denim, and robes as well as slippers are currently loved by designers. So it goes without saying that to complete your vintage look, you would need the right vintage accessories.

While you can always find vintage accessories online or even from your grandma’s wardrobe, it’s always fun to make some use out of unused items. If you happen to have some old spoons lying around the bottom of your kitchen rack, we can always transform them to some lovely outfit companions.

To begin, you’d need:
– assorted spoons;
– various beads, buttons, and baubles;
– adhesive;
– chain or black cord.

Then, bend the spoon’s grip and after making a loop for the chain, cut the remaining grip off using a saw. Be careful! You want to make sure there’s sufficient space to make the loop. The next thing, use E-6000 glue to glue different kinds of unused earrings, brooches, beads – basically anything you find beautiful! You can even use gemstones or carvings that you can find lying around. For the chain, the pendants would look fine on a simple black cord or silver ball chain. A more elaborate beaded chain could be used too.

If you’re too lazy, or you just can’t find the materials you’d need, you can always order vintage spoon pendants online. SpoonfestJewelry, a Nevada-based Etsy shop, is specialized in making jewelries out of cutlery sets. Not limited to spoons, you can also find gorgeous jewelries made of forks. And they sell necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings!
The spoon handle necklaces, however, is the biggest hit among their products. Due to the nature of the material, they’re also fairly affordable. For about $25, you can already get yourself one. Find more about their store here. Enjoy!

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Foto: SpoonfestJewelry/ Etsy
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