Vintage Hairstyle Tutorial

A lot of women adore vintage hairstyles especially for certain types of events which require a special outfit. The years which had the most fashion and hairstyle impact before, were the 1920’s and 1950’s, so they can be considered “vintage” eras nowadays. We have a beautiful vintage inspired hairstyle for you that involves making yourself a few Hollywood waves and using simple twisting techniques to acquire the look. You need a long hair for this and you can make it by yourself not needing anyone’s help. Let’s see what it is about!

Vintage Hairstyle Tutorial

What you will need:
– a comb;
– large hair curlers;
– curling foam;
– some bobby pins;
– hair band;
– hair clips;
– a big and black hair accessory, similar to the one in the pictures;
– hairspray.

1. Wash your hair and dry it as usual then start splitting it in small strands, add some hair foam to each and every one then roll the strands on the hair curlers.
2. Let them sit for a while and the time depends on your hair, if it is thin hair you could leave them on for one hour, is it is thicker, maybe two, because it takes longer to curl thick hair.
3. Release the hair curlers and add some hairspray to them.
4. Take two hair clips to secure your sides from coming in front and leave one big hair strand in the front which you will roll then secure with bobby pins when it reaches your scalp.
5. Take another strand, tease it a little bit and do the same as for the front one. Repeat this to the right side, too.
6. Gather the rest of your hair into a ponytail and then add the hair accessory to it. This step is optional though as if you feel like you can leave the hair free and it would still look awesome.
7. Add hairspray and insist in the front more then you are ready!

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Photo courtesy: seaofshoes.

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