Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas You Should Try

To spice up your Valentine’s Day, why don’t you try out these Valentine’s Day craft ideas? They’re easy to make, simply beautiful, and just lovely in general! Below, we have provided you with a list of the ideas, and what’d you need.

1. Mason jars vase
If you’re feeling romantic, decorate a mason jar using your fingerprint, and your partner’s. Create heart-shaped prints on the jars, or you can simply paint it white and add heart-shaped decorations. (DIY details) See also: Awesome Memories In A Jar.

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2. Kiss mark balloon
To create the lip mark decorations, you can either put stickers on the balloon; or if you’re feeling adventurous, put on your lipstick and use your lips. Super easy, and you’d only need stickers (or red lipstick and your lips), some white balloons, and ribbons. (DIY tutorial)

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3. Homemade goodies
Fond of baking? Boast about your skills and indulge your partner (or yourself!) with these homemade treats.

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4. Heart-y gift wrap
Wrap your present in a special way! You’d need an x-acto knife, some glitter scrapbook papers, cutting tools, and a plain wrapping paper. (DIY tutorial)

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5. Pop-up card
This romantic pop-up Valentine card would bring a smile to your partner’s face! Follow the 20 steps you can read on the link and make your own! (Steps)

6. Carved tree decoration
Carving initials into a tree trunk? Cliché, but romantic! Bring the decoration indoor using a tree trunk (you don’t need to cut down anything!) and carving tools. (Tutorial)

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7. Pom-pom wreath
Hang a pom-pom wreath on your door, using a coat hanger wrapped with a pipe insulator and bent to create a heart shape. You can decorate it with colorful pom-poms. (Tutorial)

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8. Heart-shaped bath bombs
Spending Valentine’s Day alone? There’s no time for self-pity; only for self-relaxation. Pamper yourself with these homemade bath bombs, and sip that wine! (Tutorial)

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9. Decorated mailbox
Nothing screams Valentine like old-school love letters. Your party would be twice as fun with these DIY mailboxes. The materials used are easy to get, cheap, and cute. (More details)

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10. Decorated candles
You’d need basic pillar candles and colored beeswax for this craft, but it’s extremely easy to make! Using a heart-shaped cookie cuter, cut the beeswax and melt them with a hair-dryer so they stick perfectly on the candles.

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11. Heart pillowcase
If you’re gifted in art and happen to have a lot of time on your hand, why don’t you try something slightly more complicated? This heart pom-pom pillow needs some sewing work done, but hey! What’s better than squishy pillows to lie down with? (DIY details)

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12. Self-made bouquet
While you can always get one from the florists, you can stay thrifty and romantic at the same time using several stems of flowers bound together. When tied with a ribbon and cut at the proper length, you won’t be able to spot the difference between the store-bought bouquets and your personalized nosegay. Plus, they’re handmade, so another point for being romantic!

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13. Laced candleholder
Lace, and candleholder. That’s all you’d need for a romantic candlelight dinner. Perfect.

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14. Valentine mantel
If you’re inviting guests over or thinking of hosting a dinner party, make sure your house is appropriately decorated for the event. Using an old window pane you can come up with a state-of-art valentine-themed decoration. (DIY details)

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15. Love banner
Using scrabble tiles, a long string, and red felt you can come up with a lovely banner spelling LOVE. Feel free to spell your partner’s name as well! Tutorial

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