Useful Ideas On How To Remove Hair Dye From Skin

Dyeing your hair in dark colors is not the most fun experience. The positive side of this procedure is how beautiful your hair will look, but the whole procedure comes with the frustrations of removing the dye from the skin, which in most cases is very hard to do. Probably you have tried, like all of us who has dyed dark hair, to remove it with shampoo while washing your hair, but didn’t work, no?

In time, it can go away, but when you have it on your forehead and areas of the body where it is seen, you don’t really have patience to wait a few weeks so it is removed gradually with the washing. We have a few solutions for you that really work and you can try at home and never have to deal with dye spots ever again!

Remove dye from skin with:

1. Detergent – is great to be used on hands and good to be avoided on face because it is really harsh. Rub some with a little water on the spots you have, then rinse. Repeat as many times it is needed.

2. Baking Soda – known for amazing whitening effects and not only, it really helps removing those nasty spots. Mix some baking soda with some liquid detergent in equal proportions and rub the mixture to the areas where you have dye. Keep away from the eyes as much as possible, this is slightly irritant!

3. Toothpaste – can be used basically on every part of the body and you only have to rub it where you want and feel you need, then rinse with water. If you choose a toothpaste with baking soda it will work even better.

4. Cigarette Ashes – if you are a smoker, before throwing away the ashes from the ashtray, take some on a wet sponge and rub the areas of the face that need to be cleaned of dye. Your skin will smell a bit like smoke, but you can use some soap and water to remove the smell after.

5. Petroleum Jelly – applying it on skin with massaging the area, it will make the spots fade away. If you use some cotton pads it is even better as the dye won’t transfer to your hands.

6. Solid Dish Washer – on a wet and clean kitchen sponge can work wonders, you just have to rub the area until you see the spots fade away.

7. Baby Oil – works the same as the petroleum jelly so you may want to follow the same steps.

8. Nail Polish – it is a harsh method but very efficient, the only bad thing is that it can irritate skin. Rub some clear polish to the spotted area and then remove with a nail polish remover solution.

From all these ideas some might work better or worse for some people, so try them until you find the one that works best for you!

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