Useful Handmade Box

Useful Handmade Box

The name of this project was not born by accident. Using old cardboard boxes, pieces of inexpensive fabric (if not cut it), you’re pretty short on time for making a cute and very convenient “packaging”! Old magazines and sewing thread coils, colorful scraps residues from your crafts and bath towels of all sizes and colors will find their place in a heartbeat in it!

You will need:
– a box of whatever size you need;
– a piece of cloth in the center of which, if you put your box, you will be able to cover all four sides of your box;
– PVA glue dispersion;
– scissors, glue brushes, sewing pins, ruler and paper cutter;
– needle and thread or a sewing machine;
– if you ever want to decorate the box – acrylic paint, brushes and strips of linoleum.

Directions: Carefully cut away the folding lid of the box (if any) on all four sides. As a result, we should get a cardboard box. Out of the selected fabric prepare the handles. To do this, cut a strip of the fabric of your desired length and width, fold them as shown in the picture and gently secure them with a thread “in tone”. Then apply the pieces to the sidewalls of the box and pull them through the slots you should make at a desired distance one from the other end of the handle. Set the box in the middle of your fabric and draw out its perimeter with a pencil. After that, spread a layer of PVA glue on the bottom of the box, and glue it to the perimeter of fabric you drew. Now gently smooths the fabric on the box by hand. Likewise, glue the fabric to the side wall of the box, leaving undefined triangles formed by the sides when you raise the fabric to the top of the box. The resulting folds for easy fix pins and carefully cut corners at a distance of about 2-3 cm from the edge of the box (of these resulting squares you can make a wonderful set of napkins). It is time to pull the fabric edges to the edges of the box. To do this, gently turn down the fabric (as shown in the photo) and glue one layer, which will be left at the bottom. While the glue under the fabric “grasped”, go coat the sides and tuck in the upper layer as shown in the photo, and glue it over the bottom. It is time to get a top. For this, glue the folded edge of the fabric, after that, fix the fabric with an adhesive on the inner side of the box. Note the clearance angles (shown in photo). It only remains to fix the handle. To do this make some slits on the outer side of the box, with a pencil or a pen, push the handle through the holes and glue the ends of it to the box. Use some cardboard strips to extra attach your handles reliability and the box is ready to use!

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  1. great I think I need to make a heap of these to store my materials in lol 😀 thanks will need to keep an eye out for probably 10 boxes about the same size thanks Love them might even try to do some with lids for delicate fabrics and to keep the cats out of

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