Upside Down Braided Bun – DIY Hairstyle Tutorial

This is a chic hairstyle that can be worn all the time, for any occasion even if you just want to go outside and have a fun evening with your friends. Very easy to make it has a gorgeous visual impact as everyone will ask themselves how did you make this hairstyle and the only thing you have to worry about is some blood rushing to your head while making it. The few things you will need are just some hair elastics, some bobby pins and hairspray.

Upside Down Braided Bun - DIY Hairstyle Tutorial

Comb your hair very well while tipping it upside down. If you feel it is a little greasy, use some dry shampoo or wash it before trying out this hairstyle. Take three hair strands and start making a dutch braid ( the difference between a dutch braid and a french braid is that you cross the outside strand exactly under the middle strand instead of over how you would do it normally).

When you’ve reached the top of your head with the braid secure it with a hair elastic then take the rest of the hair and make a ponytail out of them. Loosen the strands a little bit if you feel them very tight and the last step is to make a bun out of the ponytail. Use a hair elastic and bobby pins to secure the bun and add hairspray for a better hold!

Photo courtesy: barefootblonde.

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