Unique Crochet Decorated Boots – DIY

We know what an awesome pair of shoes can do to pep up an outfit. And the most versatile and chic style is boots! Evergreen and classic, boots go with jeans, skirts, dresses, trousers; yeah, you name it and boots rock every outfit! Almost everyone owns a pair, but you want to have a pair that is unique yet fashionable right? So here is an amazing idea for turning a regular pair of boots into a masterpiece!

You need: a pair of boots, yarn, crochet needle, E6000 glue.

Let’s get started:
1. Use different colour yarns to build crochet chains. Check out the video below to see how to make a chain stitch. Ensure that the chains are tight.
2. You need to start from the toe of the boot.
3. Glue on the yarn chain in a zigzag manner. As you run out of chain, make some more and continue the zigzag gluing pattern on the boot.
4. Go on in this manner to the area from the lace loops begin.
5. Now move to the side of the boot.
6. Cover all areas properly, such as both sides of the zipper, sides of the laces etc.
7. Reach over to the other side of the boot and continue the gluing.

Once you have completely covered the entire surface area of the boot, you will be looking at your very own unique pair of boots that is sure to be the pride of your wardrobe!

Unique Crochet Decorated Boots -  DIY

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