Uncommon Way To Make a Bun – The Sew-It-Up Updo

When it comes to making buns, we thought we have seen it all until we found this unusual way to create one. It involves tying the hair with thread and can be tried out by women with medium to slightly long hair that is also light. If your hair is too long and heavy, the thread won’t hold it and you won’t be able to achieve this look. You might ask yourself why would someone try out such a hairstyle and the answer would be, from pure curiosity and a desire for a change and it kinda looks cool too! Have a friend help you out as it is very difficult to do this by yourself especially when you have to tie the hair from the back and you have no visibility.

What you will need:
– thick thread;
– a large plastic needle;
– scissors (to cut the excess thread).


1. Prepare your thread and needle for action, making sure your thread is long enough.

2. Brush the hair very well and hold it in your hands like you want to make a ponytail.

3. Put the thread through the hair, at the base of the neck, as you can see in picture number 3, then make a knot.

4. Move the needle to the upper part and repeat the previous step as you can see in picture number 5.

5. After you made the last knot, cover both of them with hair as seen in picture number 7 and create a half loop looking thing with the hair. Make a very strong knot this time.

6. Twist the hair a little bit then cut down the excess thread that is seen. Be careful not to cut too close to the knot.

During the whole process you use the same thread continuously moving from one point to the other. The only time you will need the scissors is when you cut down the excess thread. Finish the look with some hairspray for a better hold and your work of art is ready!

Uncommon Way To Make a Bun - The Sew-It-Up Updo

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