Twisted Bun Hairstyle

One of the most elegant buns of all is the twisted bun. It is so sophisticated that you can successfully wear it to any important event, especially with business attires. It might look complicated to make but it is easier than it looks like as you twist the hair in opposite directions and basically this is all. You need long hair to make this bun.


1. Comb your hair and split it into 3 sections, 2 in the front that will be twisted and the biggest one in the back that you will gather in a ponytail.

2. After you have gathered the hair from the back, make a bun out of it and secure it well with some hair clips and bobby pins.

4. Take the hair section from the left side of your head and twist it around the bun. Secure with bobby pins as needed.

5. Take the hair from the right section and twist again around the bun. Secure it and add hairspray.

6. Your hair should look like in the pictures. The only problem with this hairstyle is that you have to be careful to secure the hair very well as it might fall apart.

Enjoy your look!

Keep being AlldayChic!

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