Celeb-Ready Hair in 6 Easy Steps

You have often sat in from of the television, awestruck with those pretty women sashaying down the red carpet, with even prettier hairstyles! Do you wonder how you would look with those same hairstyles? Yes, they will cost a bomb if you head to the salon, but we won’ t let you waste even a penny!
Here is one chic hairstyle, stolen right off the red carpet, that you can do easily at home in just 6 steps!

Here is how:
1. Apply some styling mousse and blow dry your hair to prepare it for curling.
2. Part your hair in sections, apply a thermal protector and curl each section with a small barrel curling iron.
3. Brush through your hair lightly with your fingers to blend the curls.
4. Apply some smoothing mousse to the hair.
5. Separate the hair into sections, twist each section into a bun and secure at the back with a pin.
6. Use hairspray to hold the hairstyle in place.

Get that cocktail dress out, team up with gorgeous stilettos, a clutch to go and you are ready for your own red carpet appearance!

Celeb-Ready Hair in 6 Easy Steps

Photo courtesy: dailymakeover.

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