Turn an Old T-shirt into a Cute Scarf – DIY

Turn your old t-shirt into a scarf

Give a chic touch to your look wearing a lovely scarf made from an old t-shirt. The scarf is perfect for autumn and winter. This project is very easy because it doesn`t involve sewing!

You will need:

– t-shirt;
– scissors.


1. Start by cutting the t-shirt under the sleeves to prepare the scarf’s base.

2. Cut about 20 cm fringes all around the fabric, where it has no hem.

3. Now, stretch down each fringe to make it longer.

4. Join the fringes by twos and tie knots.

5. Then detach the tied fringes and knot again by twos, but with the next fringe. Have fun!

Note: If you feel doing the fringe ties is too much or you prefer a simpler design, here we have some examples of upcycled t-shirts into scarves:

Photo courtesy: usefuldiy.

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