Turn a Pair of Leggings into a Swimsuit

Do you have a pair of leggings you don’t use anymore that are made from a similar material like swimsuits? Turn them into something you can use at the beach or pool and if you find this complicated, it’s not what it looks like. Start with this simple and classic tutorial on how to make a swimsuit and in future you might learn making more complicated and complex models.

What you will need:
– pair of leggings.
– scissors;
– sewing kit;
– 2 big rings for the bikini and a smaller one for the top.

1. Take the leggings and start cutting vertically on both front and back sides then do a straight horizontal cut just underneath the middle as if you would cut them to make a pair of shorts.
2. Now, contour the shape of a bikini on the material (it should be placed in a way that the hemline of the leggings will also be the hemline of the bikini then cut the model out.
3. Sew the margins that need to be sewed then attach the rings to the sides of the bikini.
4. Take one leg of the leggings that has been cut out and draw the model for the top part, don’t forget to first measure how big you want it to be then cut it out.
5. Cut 4 strands of material that will be attached to the cups then sew the small ring or hoop in between the two triangles and you are ready to rock the beach!

Turn a Pair of Leggings into a Swimsuit

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  1. I have already tried this but the moment you enter the water the material goes totally see through. Thank god I was at a friends pool when I went for a dip and not some where in public. I still wear my bikini made from leggings but I just don’t swim in it. Just a caution to anyone that uses their leggings to make swim wear.

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