5 Tips for Your Tummy Tuck

Did someone say tummy tuck? The tummy tuck is one of plastic surgery’s staples. It’s been used to help those who’ve lost massive amounts of weight, mothers struggling with getting back to their former physique after childbirth, and those who just want a little help getting rid of a little extra fat in their stomach area. It is one of the most popular procedures for a reason.

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No matter the reason, the tummy tuck can transform your mid-section, and you’ll likely be thankful for it for years to come. If you’re considering this procedure, then you have a few things to think about first. This isn’t a decision you should make lightly. In fact, you’ll want to do your research and save your money for this body-altering procedure so you know what to expect and have all you need to pull it off. Then you can get that tummy to tucking. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

1. The tummy tuck is an excellent procedure for women who’ve recently given birth or who’ve had their last child.

After a woman gives birth, the body naturally changes. Not only does the belly stretch out to accommodate the size of the baby, but it also can be ravaged by multiple pregnancies. If the method of birth was also via c-section, then the belly could have scar tissue as well.

After multiple pregnancies, the stomach muscles also change. They become weaker and less inclined to exert themselves as much as they could before during physical activity. This is why many women find it hard to lose all the baby weight after a pregnancy, and they shouldn’t put that pressure on themselves to! If a woman decides she wants to regain her body and her confidence after having children, then it’s definitely her prerogative.

If they are really struggling to lose the weight or feel comfortable in their skin after childbirth, then many women opt for a tummy tuck. Especially if a woman knows she completely done with having children, then she can get her tummy tucked and decrease the visibility of any c-section scars at the same time. Moms deserve to feel beautiful after all the hard work of actually growing another human being!

2. Understand that the outcome is not perfection.

While plastic surgery aims to decrease those parts of ourselves that we feel self-conscious about, surgery can’t magically give us the self-esteem we need. Getting plastic surgery will not make you perfect in your eyes or anyone else’s.

You have to understand that the tummy tuck is a path to more confidence, but true self-confidence comes from within yourself. It won’t make your body perfect, but it will improve it. Don’t expect to wake up to a whole new you, just a slightly improved one. Don’t have bigger expectations than a surgery itself can pull off.

You’ll also have to prepare for the aftercare that comes with a tummy tuck. It’s not just a matter to tucking your tummy and it stays tucked just the way it is. You’ll still have to commit to a lifestyle of diet and exercise, or you’ll be in a worse position than you were before.

If you gain a ton of weight after a tummy tuck, then you won’t want to feel like you wasted your money and didn’t get the physique you wanted. The tummy tuck can help you along, but it can’t do all the work that needs to be done.

3. Plan for the recovery.

Recovery time should be taken into account after a tummy tuck. While recovery time can depend on your body’s natural pre-dispositions, metabolism, and shape, everyone going through the tummy tuck aftercare has to be careful with how they take care of themselves.

For example, elective surgery is not covered by insurance. Therefore, the patient will be sent home the same day of the surgery so as not to incur any more fees. If you have the capability and expense, it is recommended that you spend the money to stay in the hospital/inpatient facility so as to be looked after by professional medical staff after the surgery. Not everyone can afford this, so factor that in to your decision making.

You’ll need to have some people around to help you shortly after the surgery and for a few days and weeks afterward. The body will inevitably leak fluids which will have to be drained every few hours. The ability of the patient to move around will be restricted and the patient will need help with fairly simple tasks like driving, laundry, food preparation, and any cleaning tasks. While the patient won’t be completely bed-ridden, they will be compromised.

4. How much money are you looking to spend on this?

The tummy tuck will not be cheap. No plastic surgery is ever really cheap (and if it sounds like it is, then make sure the doctor and/or the facility you’re planning to go to is actually legitimate). The procedure will cost a few thousand dollars, and if you don’t have this money lying around (which most people don’t) then you might want to reconsider.

That doesn’t mean that you always have to have this payment in full by the time you decide on your tummy tuck. There are ways to finance the procedure so that you can pay for it over time in addition to the interest accrued. While this might not sound so enticing to some people, it is a great way to get this procedure regardless of having multiple thousands of dollars around to spend. Because tummy tucks are elective surgeries, they will never be covered by insurance. That is a fact you should definitely know before starting the process.

5. Go to a professional.

There are tons of doctors doing tummy tucks, so it doesn’t hurt to get a couple of opinions. You could even get your Tummy tuck by lexingtonps!

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