Tropical Makeup – DIY Tutorial

Feeling like you would like to bring some tropical influences into your makeup? If yes, stay with us as you will find here a perfect makeup tutorial for that. Colors like orange and yellow always make us think about summer and give us a happy feeling. Put them on your eyes and you will instantly feel cheered up and you will also feel the exotic influence of them.

Tropical Makeup - DIY Tutorial

What you will need:
– eye primer;
– yellow, white, orange, brown and red eyeshadows;
– eyeshadow brushes and a blending brush;
– black liquid liner;
– mascara;
– false lashes (optional).

1. After you have applied foundation and prepared your face, start with applying eye primer on your eyelids, it is very important as the colors need a solid base so they look more vivid.
2. Apply white eye shadow on the inner corners of your eyes, then apply the yellow one all over the lid.
3. Apply red and orange eyeshadow on the outer corners and make a nice outline using the brown. Take the blending brush and blend the colors together in a nice way.
4. Apply false eyelashes to your lids and if you don’t need to, just jump directly to the eyeliner phase.
5. Use black liquid eyeliner on the upper lash line and finish with mascara. If you want you can line your lower lash line with a black pencil but this is also optional. Enjoy your tropical makeup!

Photo courtesy: fashionsy.

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