Tricks to Make Your Face Look Thinner


Even if it is recommended (and way healthier) to eat healthy and go to gym so that you get that perfect figure, until you do this and until the results will be showing, we have here some tricks that will help your face look thinner.

1. Use contour – Think of your face as a canvas and start contouring it with a little bronzer and highlighter remembering that dark makes facial features recede while light makes them more prominent.

2. Eyebrows – need to be angular and thick so they can make your face look slimmer.

3. Draw attention to your eyes- covering the eye circles, be careful where you place your blush, use eyeliner and mascara that make your eyes appear larger, together with an eyeshadow that works with your skin tone and eye color. Apply bronzer correctly, use a highlighter and some pink lipstick to slim down your face.

4. Attention to your hair! – Ask your hairstylist for advices on the length and shape your hair should have to make your face look thinner. Use highlights and frame-facing to help you do that.

5. Go all out and wear a Smokey Cat Eye for the eyeliner and dark eyeshadow will help you draw attention the corner of your eyes making your face look slimmer.

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