Tricks That Make Your Manicure Last Longer

In the best cases most manicures last from three days to one week, then the polish starts to chop off from the nails. The bad thing is that this is happening exactly in the moment we have the least time to do our nails, we either have to rush out for work or meet someone. Are there ways you can make your nail polish last longer? Of course, by following a few guidelines and knowing a few tricks that we will show you today.

Tricks That Make Your Manicure Last Longer

How to make your manicure last longer:
1. Keep your nails shorter – by doing this your nails will be more protected from damage and every hit is supported by the finger. This will also make polish to come off harder.
2. Use top coat – after applying polish to your nails or small jewels, stickers, top coat will always give a better protection and make the resistance of the nail stronger.
3. Before manicure, stop sinking the nails in water – this doesn’t help the polish as your nails when they are in water they are widening and when they dry, they contract and the polish can be destroyed.
4. Always seal the tips of the nails – with the help of the brush make sure you run over the tips so it will be harder for the polish to chop off.
5. Have healthy nails – cracks or any bumps will make polish last less, make sure you take proper care of them. See: Tips for Healthier Nails.
6. Apply nail polish in layers – if you let every layer to dry, it will build up more strongly over the nail and will make manicure to be stronger.
7. File the nails in one direction – don’t go forward and backwards when you file as you can easily break the nail and create discomfort. Go only in one direction.
8. Use gloves when cleaning – any household activity that involves using hands should be accompanied by the use of gloves, so water, dirt and greasy things will be kept away by gloves making your manicure last longer.

Make the nail polish dry faster – you can do this by either putting your hands in ice cold water or in the freezer (cold hardens polish), by using a hair dryer and use the low heat program or by applying very thin layers of polish each time and this will help you get out of the house sooner than you think without the fear of damaging anything.

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