10 Tricks for Beautifully Lined Eyes

Your eyes are the most expressive of all your features, and you definitely know how to play them up to your advantage! There are loads of products ranging from shadows to mascaras, but the most crucial and defining product that can make all the difference is an eye-liner. When used right, you can achieve dramatic results with a liner, but the same is also true if you go wrong! So let us learn here on the ways to use an eye-liner so that it flatters our features even more!

1. You must always make sure that your liner pencil is sharpened to a point when applying. Most of us tend to wait till it becomes all rounded and reaches the edge, but this makes it difficult to apply the liner in precise lines. So always sharpen, preferably before each use!

2. If you plan to curl your lashes, always do so before application of the liner. This is because, the liner closest to the lash line tends to pull off leaving an unsightly gap.· If you plan to curl your lashes, always do so before application of the liner. This is because, the liner closest to the lash line tends to pull off leaving an unsightly gap.

3. Avoid lining your entire eye on both the top and bottom lids if you have small sized eyes. Line just outside of your upper lash line to make your eyes look more alert and bigger. If you are intent on lining the lower lash line as well, run your pencil over the outer edge of the water line of the lower lid.

4. Never ever leave a gap between the lash and the liner! That definitely looks unnatural and made up. Also it professes your lack of dexterity with hand movements when applying the liner. So make sure to tightline by holding your pencil flat against your lash and then making that line.

5. Never pull your eyes at the corners in a bid to make the surface for easy application of the liner. The skin around the eyes is very sensitive and prone to aging quickly if repeatedly subjected to such action. Instead, place a mirror low, and look down into it as you apply your liner

6. Reserve the liquid liner only for the upper lid. Due to a richer pigmentation in the liquid liner, it makes for a statement that is too bold and unsightly. Also, liquid liners tend to smudge more easily and are therefore a hassle on the lower line.

7. Do not stick to just one kind of eyeliner, since you need a different look for different occasions, and therefore different kinds of liners. For instance, a pencil liner is great for an everyday no-fuss look. A gel liner is more dramatic while a liquid one can easily be moulded to give a winged effect.

8. Use a beige or white liner on the waterline of the lower lid to give you a wide-eyed effect. Simply sticking to lining your top lid just gives an incomplete look!

9. Prevent those horrible smudges by prepping up your lids with a primer before application of the liner. Post that, you can dust a little powder around the area to hold the liner in place.

10. Never ever use a dry pencil, even if you feel that it is fine. Such textures can hurt the sensitive skin around the eyes and also leave marks. You must therefore ensure that your pencil is creamy and glides on smoothly.

With these top tips, you are sure to rock your eye makeup look for any occasion!

Tricks for Beautifully Lined Eyes

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