Trick for Perfect Looking Eyebrows

Eyebrows are an important part of our way of showing our personality. Thin eyebrows say something about a person and beautiful and thick ones say something else about a person. Eyebrows can literally change the entire expression of someones face and if you are gifted with thick ones don’t pluck them and instead follow this tutorial on how to shape them perfectly.


First thing you want to do is to measure and set the shape of them, follow the picture instructions and a brush to set the start, end and high point of them. Use a white pencil to mark those areas. Then with the help of a business card or credit card, draw the entire shape of the eyebrow. Take some tweezers, start plucking and take a small scissors to cut down bigger and longer hair that is not fitting the shape you have drawn before. Brush them and you are done, your eyebrows will look amazing.

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