Travelling With Kids – Secrets to an Enjoyable Stay in a Resort

Travelling With Kids – Secrets to an Enjoyable Stay in a Resort

While the thought of travelling with small kids can be quite daunting, a little bit of planning can take care of all the issues. Just follow these simple tips and there’s no reason why you should not be having a wonderful time even with toddlers to care of.

Put Safety First
While you should make every effort to locate child-friendly resorts, there’s nothing like putting basic safety first so that you really can have peace of mind. Carry outlet covers that will prevent toddlers receiving electric shocks as they explore the room; these are quite handy and don’t take up too much space in your baggage. Warn older kids that simple house rules apply even in hotels and resorts such as not opening doors to strangers, not leaving doors open and not to go wandering off alone. Never leave them alone without adult supervision, especially at swimming pools, restaurants, recreational areas and etc.

Ask For Assistance and Freebies
All resorts including resorts in Tadoba like to take special care of their little guests. It doesn’t cost too much and they create a lot of goodwill with the parents in the process that keeps them coming back. Never hesitate to ask the front desk for stuff to keep the kids busy; these could range from toys and coloring books to video games and books. They might not all be free giveaways, but as long you have access to them, your kids will be more than happy. If you are staying at a resort, you could take advantage of a coach so that they can learn swimming, skiing, horse-riding and etc. All hotels and resorts are equipped with basic infant care stuff such as bottle-warmers, diapers, booster seats. You just need to shed your shyness and ask.

Specify Your Requirements When Booking
If there are certain things that you require from the resort such as cribs, a mini-fridge or even a separate bed, be sure to ask for them when booking the room. There’s little point in arriving with five kids in tow and then have everybody scrambling to save the situation. Be sure to ask the resort management regarding how many kids can be accommodated in a single room. There could be restrictions. Ask for rooms or suites that have a child-friendly layout, a walk-in closet and a large bathroom which should be among your top priorities. If the rooms have attached terraces or balconies, be sure to check that they have safety rails to prevent accidents.

Plan Your Meals Wisely
If you have active kids accompanying you, there’s bound to be a lot of action while having meals. While you can order room service once just for the experience, even dining at the restaurants every day can blow a big hole into your vacation budget. Selecting a resort room with an attached kitchen can be a very good idea. Pick the usual microwaveable and frozen foods besides breakfast items and fresh fruit and prepare them yourself. Explore the locality for family-friendly quick service restaurants that can be a life-saver if you not feeling to cook.

Avoid Excess Baggage
Unless you are planning a vacation in a really remote place without any facilities, it is a very good idea to resist the urge to pack everything. When selecting a resort or a hotel, find out about their laundry services. If that proves to be expensive, scout around for laundromats and local wash & fold service providers that can help in keeping the clothes ready for use. Opt for carrying small sachets of detergents.

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