Travel Tips for Packing Shoes

Travel Tips for Packing Shoes

Have you ever had a hard time packing for when you were traveling? Struggling to fit your things into the bag not knowing what shoes to take with you? This simple chart will give you an idea of what shoes to carry with you depending of the purpose of your trip. Most of times we have a tendency to overpack and take with us unnecessary things and we realize we didn’t use everything we took and that was only added weight to the bag. Here is our travel tip: always pack only three pairs of shoes.

Most common travel purposes:
1. Business trip: black stiletto shoes + elegant black ballet flats + sport shoes.
2. Wedding weekend: high heels + comfortable ballet flats + flat ankle boots.
3. Cold weather vacation: elegant ankle boots + tall boots + low heel shoes.
4. Warm weather vacation: sandals + flat sandals + sport shoes.
5. Home for the holidays: elegant ankle boots + elegant black ballet flats + sport shoes.

You can change the colors and style of the shoes depending on what goes best with your clothes. We picked some basic colors that will go well with whatever you will wear so you won’t need to do critical thinking if your footwear matches your upper part. We gave you the solution for your problems, now it’s your turn to do the smart packing!

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