Transform Old and Loosen Underwear – DIY

Don’t let your old bikinis sit in your closet if they don’t fit you anymore. Instead transform them into attractive underwear. Materials can widen and loosen after a few washes or maybe from being worn a lot so you don’t have to throw them away if they still can be fixed. A few things and a little time used can refashion all your old bikinis you thought you have to throw away.

Transform Old and Loosen Underwear - DIY

What you will need:
– loosen bikini;
– needle;
– thread;

Directions: Take your old bikinis and start sewing the back of them with the needle and thread as you can see in the pictures. Basically this model will gather the extra material in a beautiful way and your bikinis won’t even look as they have been fixed and you have to be happy that your back will look even more attractive with them. You can use this for swimwear too, or if you would like to make small changes to underwear pieces. Try out this tutorial and tell us how it turned out for you!


Photo courtesy: beadandcord.

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