Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses

Around the world, humans have been able to come up with strange contests. You name it, we have Midget Throwing Contest in Australia (relax, it’s safe!), Air Guitar Championships in Finland, Extreme Ironing World Championships (yes, by ironing we mean ironing laundry), or even Wife-Carrying Competition. But if you thought you had your fair share in weird contests, be prepared for this one. Held by is a wedding dress contest… made of toilet paper.

While some contests are bizarre enough to make you scratch your head in confusion, this contest isn’t entirely as purposeless. Instead, like the website name suggests, it encourages a low-cost but still fancy wedding.

The rule is pretty simple, really. You can only use needle, thread, tape, glue, and Charmin toilet paper to come up with the prettiest wedding dress. That’s it, you can’t use other tools or materials. Although it seems to be impossible, you’ll be surprised to know that over 1,500 entries were made this year (2016). Since 1 contestant can only submit 1 dress, it’s safe to assume over 1,500 people have joined the competition. The grand prize, after all, amounted to US$10,000.

Out of thousands of dresses submitted, 10 were chosen to be presented in the final runway show. Contestants put in their personal taste into different dresses; with one dress having a “beachy” feels with frayed skirt and crop top, another dress presented a classical, old-school Hollywood vibes. While some dresses were long and flashy, some others were knee-length or could transform into a mini dress. Almost no dresses were similar to one another when it comes to the concept incorporated. The dresses presented displayed jaw-dropping intricate details and meticulous sewing; you won’t believe they were all made of toilet papers.

First Place 2016 - Foto: Terri Pous
First Place 2016 – Foto: Terri Pous
Mimoza Haska - First place in 2013
Mimoza Haska – First place in 2013
Foto: Terri Pous 2016
Foto: Terri Pous 2016
Carol Touchstone - Third Place in 2013
Carol Touchstone – Third Place in 2013
Foto: Terri Pous 2016
Foto: Terri Pous 2016

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