An uber chic item of clothing that every woman should have in her wardrobe is, you guessed it, a fabulous mini skirt! These skirts are great for an evening out, or a casual day at the mall and never ever go out of style! Mini’s have a hemline that are above the knees; slightly halfway up the thighs. Here are some great tips to keep in mind while wearing a mini skirt.

1. If you want to wear heels along with your mini skirt, try to keep your makeup simple and your top a tad bit casual to help keep your look girlish and cheerful.
2. Be comfortable in your skirt. Do not keep pulling it down or tug at it when you sit. This will make you appear self-conscious and no one likes to be around someone who isn’t confident in their own clothes! If you feel the need to pull it, then just go in for a slightly longer skirt the next time!
3. Remember, a tight fit skirt will definitely ride up your thighs when you sit, while a full skirt with pleats will cover more leg. So choose your style that is best suited for the occasion!
4. Minis with built-in shorts are a great idea if you like to be active. Cycle, cartwheel run around and have fun without worrying about your underwear showing!
5. If you are one of those tall girls with the longest legs around, a mini skirt meant for someone with an average height will look even shorter on you! So be careful when buying a mini, always try on!

With these awesome tips you are sure to wear your mini skirt right and set the fashion scene ablaze!

Tips to Wear a Mini Skirt

Photo courtesy: Asos; InventandoModa.

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