Tips to Wash Your Hair the Proper Way

Tips to Wash Your Hair the Proper Way

You think you know how to wash your hair properly? Now, you might wonder what is with this questions, there is no specific technique to do that. We tell you that there it is, and the way you wash your hair can make a big difference, especially on you hair’s health.

How to wash your hair the proper way:

1. Start with rinsing it
Before you add any products to your hair, rinse it with hot water which will open the cuticle (great for removing trapped dirt) and will make the absorption of nutrients easier.

2. For long hair, condition first!
Because long hair has more fragile ends, before doing any damage with shampoo washing, condition it first and this will protect the ends.

3. Lather up
Don’t use more shampoo than you need and insist with washing the scalp area. Because your hair is the youngest there, usually it is the area that gets to be the oiliest one while the ends are dry.

4. Be gentle to your hair
Do not scrub your fragile ends and don’t do circular motions which can easily tangle your hair. Wash the scalp with vertical strokes and add a medium pressure to the process. This will also stimulate the blood flow.

5. Don’t shampoo twice
Most of times you don’t need it, especially if you wash your hair daily or every second day. Shampooing twice should be used only for very dirty hair.

6. Conditioner should be added from the middle of your length until the ends
After washing with shampoo, gently squeeze the water out from your hair and condition from the middle. The more you leave it in, the better will do it’s job. You don’t need conditioner on the scalp area as it’s more rich in natural oils.

7. Use cold water to finish the rinse
Cold water seals the cuticle and will make it look very shiny!

Enjoy your beautiful hair!

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