Tips for Getting a Proper Tan


Want the perfect tan? Here are a few steps for getting it!

1. Avoid excessive sunbathes, apart from the health risks like skin cancer and the brown spots you need no reminder that the sun is not only bad for your health issues but also skin tone appeals.

2. Moreover, you can apply a self-tanner or get a spray tan to achieve that natural skin glow. These self-tanners are everywhere and easy to use even when showering. I believe that you are now starting to rethink the need for tanning beds.

3. The third tip strictly demands proper exfoliation before self-tanning. If not, the dead skin cells will take the tan with them when they flake off leaving your beautiful self with a splotchy skin. But, most importantly, do not use a face or body scrub that contains oil, as this can leave a greasy film on your skin and prevent the tanner from adhering to it properly.

4. Consequently, use mitts on your hands when self-tanning. The fact is that applying tan by yourself with your hands can cause an uneven application complete with streaks. Hence, the mitts will allow you to make clean even swipes because of their flat surfaces and your palms will also be saved from the orange tan color.

5. On the same note make sure that your hands, feet, elbows and knees are coated with lotion so as to provide a barrier between your skin cells and the tan. The fact is that these spots are tanner collectors as there is not enough skin to absorb the formula.

6. The sixth tip strictly states that you should stay away from water for about 4-8 hours after self-tanning after which it would be completely dry and glowing with no uneven shaped-up patchy tan caused by water.

7. Moreover, try to sleep in loose dark pajamas unless you want to rub off the tan away with tight fabrics. The dark clothes will also prevent your beddings from getting a brownish orange color.

8. Consequently, do not rub your skin after a shower rather pat it, so as to keep the tan intact in all skin areas.

9. Last, but not least, do not use oily skin products especially if you have a faux glow as it will break your tan down and the glow will not last even for a day.

10. And lastly, do not exfoliate after self-tanning otherwise be ready to say goodbye to your glowing skin, but you can do so before re-applying the self-tanner.

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