Tips on How to Painlessly Remove Hair

Getting ready for summer and being pretty as a girl involves lots of things like: taking special care of ourselves, working out and among others, the most stressful of all is to have a soft skin all the time so removing unwanted hair is important. But, how can we make the process be less painful, less stressful and more enjoyable? There are a few things you have to take in consideration before, during and after waxing and you will enjoy painless hair removal every time.

Tips on How to Painlessly Remove Hair

1. Be careful of what you do before waxing – avoid extreme heat or exercising and make sure that your hair is long enough so it can be removed.
2. Pull the skin taut during the process and if you shave, shave in the direction of the hair growth to avoid irritations.
3. To avoid to go out directly after shaving try to do it in the evening and your skin has time to recover and any redness has enough time to go away.
4. For a painless hair removal you can also use depilatory lotions that dissolve the hair and make regrowth finer.
5. Don’t immediately use depilatory products on freshly shaved legs.
6. Underarm hair is a little bit more difficult to remove because it’s growing in all directions. It’s recommended to use a 5-bladed razor for it and shave from every angle. You want to avoid hair that is pushed back in the follicle and becomes an inflammation and you also want to avoid wearing tight clothes that rub against the skin.
7. Heal razor burn with aloe vera gel and get rid of redness.
8. Avoid ingrown hair by using topical lotions that prevent them.
9. When you shave areas of your body always apply some shaving cream or moisturizer for the razor to glide easily.
10. Don’t get a laser hair removal before summer because it makes your skin be more sensitive and that means you risk lots of burns.
11. Before shaving the bikini line soften the hair with warm water.
12. Keep your blades sharp and don’t be skeptical about investing in a 4 or 5 bladed razor, they give the best results.
13. Before getting a wax you can use some pain relieving gels (lidocaine cream) to make your brazilian wax a pleasurable experience.

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