Tips on How to Get the Cheapest Airline Flights

6 Tips on How to Get the Cheapest Airline Flights

Flying becomes more and more frequent among people. If you are traveling often or if you are just small on budget our tips will help you save money. So, what do you have to do in order to get the best deals? You will find out in our list.


1. Book flights 21 days before departure day. Most airlines have algorithms that adjust prices automatically so they can get the best money out from this. If you book to early, you might miss out some great deals and if you book to late you might find that the prices are double or triple for the same flight. Studies show that the best period for booking flights is 21 days before.

2. The best day for reservations is Tuesday as most airlines update their databases in this day because most people book flights during weekend.

3. Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days for flying as airports are less busy which means the cheap airline fares. Avoid Friday and Saturday which are the most expensive flying days.

4. For international flights you get the best deals 11 or 12 weeks before departure day. Another thing you can try is to fly from smaller airports which sometimes have much smaller prices and better deals.

5. If you have visited the website of an airline in the last 30 days, check your browser and delete your cookies as most airlines will raise prices for previous visitors on their page.

6. Always compare prices with the help of travel search engines to make sure you get the best deals.

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