Tips for Making Cat Eyes

Tips for Making Cat Eyes

There are several ways to apply eyeliner and several methods to make cat eyes. The cat eye look is very popular among women and if you don’t know how to do it you will find out now and it’s a very simple technique. First thing you have to do is to place a dot at the tip of the cat eye “flick”, this will be the ending point of the line. Then you have to place a dot from where you want the line to go upwards, basically this will be the base of the cat eye “flick”. Connect the dots with a thin line.

Now you have to take the eyeliner and start drawing the line from the inner corners of the eye along the lash line, connecting it to the one you previously made. Adjust the thickness of the line as you wish, you can leave it like this, thin, or you can make it thicker by making several lines one over the other. You can add some eyeshadow above the liner or you can leave it simple, it depends on where are you going or on the occasion you are attending.

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