Tips for How to Not Damage Your Hair While Using a Hot Iron

Tips for How to Not Damage Your Hair While Using a Hot Iron

A beautiful hair is one of the most attractive features of a woman. It can turn around many heads and massively enhance the overall appearance of anyone. If you straighten or curl your hair very often (and some of us might do it daily), you need to take special care of it in order to keep it healthy. These 6 simple and easy to remember tips will help you prevent your hair from damaging.


1. Never put a hot iron on a wet hair, even if in the specifications of the tool it is mentioned that you can do that. Don’t. If you do that it’s like boiling the hair from the outside.

2. Never run your flat iron over the same piece of hair for more than once. You better slow pass each section of hair.

3. Before using the hot iron, always use a protective spray that coats the hair to reduce the amount of damage.

4. Never start with the maximum heat settings. Set the iron on a lower temperature and if you feel like you need more, adjust it later to a higher temperature.

5. Apply a mouse on your hair before using the hot iron (for both straightening and curling), it will also work as a protectant and you won’t need so much hairspray for hold at the end.

6. Don’t pull your hair hard while straightening or curling, in time it will create huge damage. Instead move the iron focusing on smoothing the strands.

If you will take in consideration these tips you will enjoy a healthier hair!

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