Helpful Tricks for Comfortable Shoes

Great comfy shoes can be hard to get especially if you do not know how to choose. On the other hand you can get great shoes, but when it comes to keeping them in tip-top shape for comfy issues it becomes hard.
1. For instance, if you want to stretch your boot shafts and keep them in an upright shape then you can use newspaper rolls and leather stretch sprays which are bound to loosen the fiber of the leather. This especially works for boots with no zippers.

2. You can also use water-filled freezer bags to stretch shoes. You only have to place the shoes in a freezer overnight and remove them out in the morning to break the ice. You can repeat the process once or twice just to give the shoes an extra stretch. Just don’t let the water get in the shoes.

Helpful Tricks for Making Shoes Feel More Comfortable
3. Another idea is wearing socks and slipping in your shoes then using a blow dryer on the tight part while wiggling your feet in the process. This way you will stretch tight shoes. Just remember to keep them on while they cool then remove the socks and test them, you can always repeat the process if they are still tight.

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4. However, when it comes to tightening shoes, especially shoe straps you can always opt for moleskin, just cut them in the shapes you want and place them on the shoe or put it on your feet like a Band-Aid.

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5. You can also repair the heel of athletic shoe by gluing and stitching a hard cloth on the worn-out part. Just make sure the fabric is not too thin or too thick, use mostly denim fabrics as they are durable and always complement many shoe types.

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6. Slippery shoes can also be fixed with perfectly shaped inner soles just make sure they are not too thick that they alter the shape of the shoe and cut them in a shoe-shape fashion not a foot-shape one. On the same note you can put heel grips on the edge of a heel to prevent your heel from slipping out.

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7. On the other hand if the closed toe high heels are too tight you can always wear them with your third and fourth toe taped together to avoid any blisters on them. This way you will prevent pain in the ball of your foot because the medical tape relieves strain on the nerve between these two toes.

8. Consequently, you can waterproof your shoes with bees wax, especially the canvas ones. Just rub the bees wax all over it to stiffen it a little bit then use a blow dryer to melt the wax and that’s it. You can run a little test by pouring water on them before you set out.

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9. But when it comes to smelly shoes always use dry tea bags to remove the odor as they absorb the smell and give your shoes and feet a refreshing smell. It is a cheap and convenient method. Likewise, you can always soak your blistered feet in green tea, to relieve them of any pain and fatigue. Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties which will tremendously reduce the swelling on your feet and also offer you some mind and body relief. See also: Another Idea to Eliminate Shoe Odor.

Helpful Tricks for Comfortable Shoes
10. However, if you do not feel like soaking your feet in green tea after that long day then you can always go the other way of preventive measure by applying some clear gel deodorant, baby powder or petroleum jelly on the heel and sides of your feet to prevent blisters, decrease friction and increase your chances of walking or dancing all day. The deodorant will act as a barrier thus protecting the skin from friction.

11. As for a quick fix on slippery soles you can always sandpaper the soles of unworn shoes to create better traction and thus achieve less falling down and slipping. Moreover, when it comes to heels you can always fix worn-down heels with instant heel caps and say goodbye to rolled ankles.

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12. On the same note, your soles can also get a little saving with gel arch inserts hence no pain with most gains. Likewise, you can always replace those old insoles with new ones. Just make sure you make the cut precisely and the same size as the one you are replacing it with for that extra comfort.

13. As for other preventive measures when it comes to buying heels, it is always advisable to check the possibility of them hurting your feet before you decide buy them. This can be done by paying attention to the heel cup as manufactures always put a stiffening agent in the heel area. The stiff nature of the counter makes it a prime spot for friction and blisters. Therefore, opt for shoes made of real leather or suede as they are more pliable than synthetic materials.

14. Likewise, you can always do the thumb test as there should be a thumb’s width from the front of the inside of your shoe to the end of your longest toe. Hence leaving this bit of space is crucial for your foot to have some wiggle room when you walk. But if the shoes are small they will definitely hurt as you walk on them.

15. On the same note you can always look for more comfortable styles of heels like platforms, wedges, chunky heels, low heels, and heels with straps or buckles which often offer more support and are easier to walk in.

16. But the most obvious and less strenuous way to be comfy in heels is learning how to walk properly on them that is, putting your heel down first followed by your toes and not vice versa. This is bound to make your walk look more natural.

17. However, even with a great walking style heels can still be stressful and strenuous on the feet especially if they are more than 3.5 inches high. But when you are looking for that extra relief on your feet and do not feel like shopping for another pair, you can always shorten the heel height to your comfort level. This can easily be done by a professional without damaging the entire make of the shoe, so do not try it by yourself, you won’t succeed.

18. But when it comes to shoe-stretching you can always be the cobbler and get your own shoe stretcher. Believe me the days of your shoe discomfort will be over as you will be able to stretch whichever tight shoes that gives you headaches. Just follow the simple instructions on the shoe stretcher manual and you will succeed in stretching the shoes to perfection and comfort.

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19. When it comes to buying well-fitting comfortable shoes, the best time is always in the evening as your feet will have swollen during the day thus it only makes sense to get better fitting shoes when your feet are at their biggest. This will even save you some time on many DIY comfort shoe cares like shoe stretching as your swollen feet will do that for you in a jiffy.

20. Similarly, poor shoe lacing methods or formula can cause great discomfort for your feet and likely prohibit them from moving freely inside the shoes. Therefore, always try to lace up your tennis shoes in a pattern that allows your feet to move around more comfortably in the shoe.

21. As for rubber flip flops and their discomforting rubber straps you can always cover these straps with fabric so as to prevent the rub out of the rubber in the flip flops. This will lessen the pain and marks left by the rubber straps on your feet and also make a very creative fashionable statement with the fabric-rubber straps.

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22. Another discomforting and embarrassing nightmare in relation to shoes is squeaking shoes. No one in their right mind wants to wear shoes that squeak when they walk. Therefore, to prevent this you can always sprinkle some baby powder in the inner sole of the shoe. This will prevent any parts of the shoe from making any funny noises for some time.1

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