Three Tiered Ponytail Tutorial

Most ponytail tutorials we have shown you before were about how to give more volume to the hair, how to make a higher ponytail or an interesting twist to it. This one will give you an idea about how you can make a more cool appearance for yourself with actually doing something with the hair from the tail. This is a cute look for school days or even for going to the office if you are already employed. Simple and easy to do, once you try it you will keep adopting this look for it’s cuteness.

Three Tiered Ponytail Tutorial

What you will need:
– a comb;
– hair bands (at least 3);
– bobby pins (a few).

Directions: Comb your hair very well and gather it in a high ponytail. Take the comb and make the hair from the tail a little messy, then take a hair band and add it to the ponytail, but a little lower than where you have put the first hair band. Do this again with another hair band, again, much lower. The look is ready and it should look like in the pictures. What do you think, how does it look on you?

Photo courtesy: pricheskis.

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