Things You Have to STOP Doing To Your Nails

The way your nails look tell lots of things about you. A woman with a beautiful and clean manicure is highly appreciated by most men who see in her a delicate and special being. Always take care of them and you will feel good and valued. Sometimes our nails can become sensitive especially when we don’t treat and care for them as we should. You will find out some mistakes women do with their nails that you have to stop doing to yours in order to enjoy beautiful nails.

Things you have to stop doing to your nails:

1. Bite them – yes, we know, in difficult times when we get nervous some of us have an involuntary habit to bite their nails. This destroys the structure of the nail and provokes breakages.

2. Peel the nail polish – even when you know you will clean the old polish of your nails with some nail polish removers try not to peel them, while peeling you can also take down a part of the nail and destroy it.

3. Put gel on your nails too often – even if the gel is amazing and resists for a long time every time you remove it you destroy little by little your nails. It dries them out and destroy the upper layers of it.

4. Eat garbage food – you know we are what we eat so eating garbage food not only affects your general health but also affects the health of the nails making them more sensitive and prone to be destroyed.

5. Clean without gloves – most cleaning products nowadays are full of harmful chemicals for the skin and this can create big damage in time. Always use gloves and protect the skin and in the same time your precious nails from them.

6. Cutting cuticles – it is a myth that is good to cut the cuticles, in fact it is better to let them as they are and not expose them to dryness and infections. To make them softer apply once in a while some essential oils.

Things You Have to STOP Doing To Your Nails

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