Things You Didn’t Know About Lips And Lipstick

Things You Didn’t Know About Lips And Lipstick

We are sure you don’t know a lot of facts about lips and lipstick in general so we will tell you a few. They are very interesting and will make you see this body part very differently from now on.

Did you know that:

– lips are one of the most sensitive parts of a persons body? … as a lot of cells that are receptors are localized on that area. In fact, our whole skin has receptors but they are more concentrated in some areas and less concentrated in other areas. Besides these scientific facts, our brain also perceives our lips as very sensitive body parts. The area where the brain receives the stimulus from the lips are larger so this is another fact making them being perceived as very sensitive.

– almost 50% of the women wish they would have softer lips? … and this is understandable as putting lipstick on a beautiful lip with no dead skin on it is amazing, it will look and last much longer. Besides the good look, women become more confident in kissing anyone.

– the first lipstick was invented by Guerlain? … it was put in a tube and the product came out in 1870 being called “Forget me not”. This is the translation of the words in french as Guerlain is a french cosmetic company. The lipstick was packed in silk paper and after it it was sold in paper tubes. The first time the metal container appeared was in 1915 and it was an invention of Maurice Levy. Since then, lipstick is sold in metal tubes.

– the places where the lipstick is sold the most are in America and they are: Atlanta, Portland and Miami?

– women started to buy more light beige lipstick lately? … women start to wear it on a daily basis, so they go for natural colors. Amazon has sold 50% more beige lipsticks this period of the year compared to other periods.

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