Things You Can Do To Get Rid Of Double Chin

If you have a double chin and you tried to get rid of it before and it didn’t work probably you have done the wrong things. Double chin is not something pleasant to deal with and for sure it can be eliminated with a little discipline. Usually, people who are a little overweight have double chin, but this is not a rule. We have seen people with normal weight who have it and in this case it can be a genetic inheritance. It’s nothing wrong with you if you have it, maybe someone in your family had it too, and if they couldn’t get rid of it, doesn’t mean you can’t. Maybe they didn’t try hard enough or they didn’t care, but with our tips, if you are dedicated to them, you will be much closer to leave the double chin look behind! And for all the ladies who doesn’t have double chin, this is a must read for you too, you never know when you will need it!


Things you can do to get rid of double chin:

1. Do specific exercises like the followings and make them a part of your daily routine, practicing them whenever it is possible:
– Open your mouth widely and start moving your lower jaw up and down like you are trying to touch your upper lips with your teeth. Do this exercise many times a day at least for 5 minutes. You can do it whenever and wherever, while watching TV, while showering, while working, all the time, it is easy!
– Do movements like you are chewing gum with your lower jaw lifted a little bit.
– You want to make your muscles to tighten so for this you can sit somewhere straight, bring your head down, open and push your lower jaw down and hold for 15 seconds. Repeat this as many times as you can, many times per day.
– Sit somewhere comfortable and start tilting your head back stretching your neck as far as you can. Slap slowly under underneath the chin with your hands and repeat this as many times as you can, at least 10 times, 3 times a day.

2. Have a healthy lifestyle and eat good food – when we say that we mean it, everything we experience with our bodies has something to do with what we eat and a lot of times double chin is cause by weight gain. If you are starting to lose weight already, then the exercises are extremely important for you as the skin there will be sagging and you don’t want that. Cut down the junk food, soda juices, eat more healthy vegetables and avoid chemicals. Decrease your calorie intake and all of these will, not only help reducing your double chin, but will help with your overall health.

3. Correct your posture – keep your chin up and your back straight, you will be amazed how this will change your look. Keeping your face down and your back not straight is always gonna add a few layers of chin to your face and it will look not so good.

4. Use certain makeup and accessories – by applying a dark shaded foundation on your neck to highlight the jaw line. Also by avoiding wearing big necklaces, you will take away the attention from your double chin. Try putting the focus on your eyes, and make a stronger makeup there so the first thing people see is that. Use neutral shades of lipstick and choose clothing with open necks.

5. Surgery – is the last option we present you and we think you should do it only in extreme cases. Procedures you can do are called: mentoplasty or lumpectomy. They involve muscle shortening and fat removal from the chin area. You should turn to this only if the other methods didn’t work for you and having double chin is something you can not live with!

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