Things Women Love and Men Hate

We all know how different women from men are, not just on a physical level but also how we think and feel about things. Yet, we can’t live one without another. For us, women, look is very important and we love to experiment with fashion and beauty things, but there are a few fashion items that literally most men hate to see on women and you will see here which ones are those. We could also make a list of things that we hate in men, but the list would be shorter and wouldn’t be so popular among us. It’s good to know what to avoid when it’s possible, but otherwise we all should dress and look the way we want and like.

Things Women Love and Men Hate

1. Big hats, usually men hate them because it’s harder to get to the lips of women and the find them very oldish

2. Fake nails can scare men away, but we love long fake nails especially when our natural ones are short.

3. Very Glossy lipstick can be disgusting from some men especially when they are planning to kiss the girls. Most men hate the taste of sticky lipstick.

4. Heavy makeup like the smokey ones that are great for clubbing and some men see a clown in women that wear this type of makeup. Imagine what a surprise is a man to see a woman he just met in the club, the other day without makeup. It is a completely different person.

5. High waisted pants that make men think of their grandmas.

6. Hair with a lot of volume make men think of women than they are messy and it’s also hard for them to run the fingers through teased hair.

7. Dark eyebrows.

8. Peplum tops that make men think of pregnant women.

9. High heels make some men feel their woman weak, she can’t move so fast and it’s obviously making her feel pain so why would she wear them?

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