Things to Start and Stop Doing in Your Beauty Routine

Each one of us has a certain beauty routine in the morning and before going to sleep that might be the best one for our skin or the worst one. Beauty routine includes cleaning the skin, putting makeup on and everything that is related to how you can look more beautiful and healthy, of course using the right products. Some of the things you are already doing might be extremely good and give good results and some of them might slowly harm your face on long term and more, can make you look bad, instead of accentuating your beautiful features. Let’s see what you can do about all of this and get inspired by our tips.

Things to Start and Stop Doing in Your Beauty Routine (2)

Things to START doing:
1. Wash your makeup brushes regularly – dirty brushes hold bacteria that can cause acne and skin problems, especially if you have a sensitive skin. Brush them at least once a month or every few weeks.
2. Put more attention on your eyebrows – how you shape them because they can change your appearance massively.
3. Exfoliate skin on face from time to time – dead cells appear all over your body, also on your face. If you exfoliate skin regularly on your body, don’t forget the face and you will enjoy it smooth and silky.
4. Use creams with at least 20 SPF – sun is damaging for the skin so you have to protect it properly, always apply it on areas exposed to sun before going out.

Things to Start and Stop Doing in Your Beauty Routine
Things to STOP doing:
1. Beware of using too much makeup – don’t put too much eyeliner on your bottom lash line as will make your eyes look smaller.
2. Don’t put your blush too low – it drags your face down and make your whole face look horrible and deformed.
3. Don’t line your lips outside your lip line – it is true it will make them look bigger, but doesn’t mean they will look better. They can look disgusting if you overdo them, so to avoid that, line on the lip line, then fill in the lips with lipstick.
4. Don’t overuse bronzer – apply it only on high points on your face so you avoid extreme color changes.
5. Don’t go to bed with makeup – always clean the face with proper products, the skin needs to breathe and remake itself after it has been covered all day.
6. Use one brush for all makeup products – even different eyeshadows should be applied on the lid with different brushes, not to mention, bronzer, blush and other things.

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