Things To Avoid Putting On Your Face

Food is the future medicine, what we eat determines how we feel and how healthy we are. A lot of women today try to go as chemical free as they can, avoiding parabens in creams and lotions and all those cancerigen agents that big companies put in their products. This is the reason why a lot of us went back to the kitchen and tried to find natural alternatives to prevent and treat skin problems. Besides the amazing effects some have on our skin, they also have a negative side. They do good, but they do bad in the same time and we will give you a list of a few natural ingredients and not only that if used too much they create more damage than you could actually think of. Between the damaging effects are: skin spots, dryness and inflammations.

Things To Avoid Putting On Your Face (2)

Things to avoid putting on your face:
1. Baking soda – we think it is a good exfoliating agent but because of it’s ph level it is not compatible with the skin. Even if it is great at exfoliating it will damage skin cells and the ph of the products we put on the skin need to be compatible with it to actually help.
2. Lemon – good for treating acne and oily skin, also for skin whitening. Lemon has an acid ph, so again, not compatible with skin ph. Think of the fact that lemon is often used as teeth whitening, if it is so strong to clean yellow spots from teeth, how powerful it is to destroy your skin?
3. Sugar – good for exfoliating if not used too much, not to mention how harmful is to ingest it. Sugar crystals tear skin apart so avoid it.
4. Toothpaste – a lot of people recommend it as a great treatment for acne but they are all full of irritants for the skin.
5. Alcohol – dries skin and even if it cleans and kill all bacteria from face, it makes it dry and irritated.
6. Baby wipes – are a great alternative as a makeup remover, but how good they are on long term? If you run out of special wipes for removing makeup, they can be handy, but all the chemicals that are in them are not good for skin on the face.
7. Hairspray – some women use hairspray to fix makeup, it makes it last longer, so it is a good makeup fixer substitute, but when you think of how irritant it is it’s best to avoid it.

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