The Most Romantic Hairstyle – Heart Braid

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Attending special events such as weddings or social gatherings (or even Valentine’s Day dinner date) can be stressful if you don’t know what kind of hairstyle you should try. If that’s the case, we’re glad to introduce heart braid to you; the one-of-a-kind braid style is hard to be missed!

The hairstyle was made by blogger Reagen of Hairdresser on Fire as a back-to-school braid (as much as it matches adults, the hairstyle would also suit students and children). Reagen herself admitted that first came up with this heart braid for Valentine’s Day, but later on she decided the hairstyle deserves more spotlight than just being a once-in-a-year style.

To begin, you’d need to brush your hair so that it’s tangle free. Then split the top area of the hair straight down the middle and do two braids. Coil the base of the braid around itself to form the part of the heart that’s rounded and pin. Finally, fold the remanding tail to a heart shape, tuck the loose hairs and pin. Once you’re done, repeat with the other braid. Ta-da, you’re now done with the heart braid! You may need detailed instructions and more tips so, please, find them on Cupofjo.

Now that you’ve known the steps of making this adorable hairstyle, try it out yourself and see if you can rock this hairstyle for the Valentine’s Day!

the most romantic braid- heart braid Photo courtesy: Cupofjo.

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