The Timeless Allure of the Little Black Dress

If there ever has been a ‘uniform’ for fashion, it stands abbreviated as the LBD; the Little Black Dress! Open any woman’s closet; from the conservative to the out-right fashion forward divas, from the modest to the filthy rich, and you are sure to land your eyes on a seemingly simple looking basic dress in black, that lands slightly above the knees.

Yes, this is the dress that the world has chosen as the iconic fashion statement of the women of class. Black was initially considered as a color reserved for those in mourning. Catapulted to its fashionable present day fame by Coco Chanel in the 1920s, the LBD has been patronized by stalwarts like Audrey Hepburn since the good old days!

So what makes the LBD so special? Well, believe it or not, it is the striking simplicity of this style that makes for its all-round allure. Basic black; a colour that we run to when we need to highlight our curves or hide our flaws, its monotony that casts a spell on your audience, and ending just above the knees to reveal a stark contrast of porcelain skin underneath…all these ingredients together create an ultra chic look!

And well, we haven’t even touched the best part yet! The LBD has become a classic, thanks to its super flexibility for anytime wear. Paired with a smart coat or a jacket, it makes for classy workwear. Come evening, and you can jazz it up with some colour contrasted accessories (lest you forget, black works as the perfect contrast for any colour!), or some gold or silver bling, or maybe just a simple string of pearls like Hepburn!

The Little Black Dress truly deserves its way into every woman’s heart and her closet!


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