The Guide to Choosing your Wedding Dress

Your wedding date is set, and all arrangements are on way. Yet, out of the innumerous tasks set out for your big day, the most that you worry about is your wedding dress! The mission to get yourself that perfect dream of a wedding gown can be an extremely arduous task, depending on how you look at it.

The Guide to Choosing your Wedding Dress

But with these 8 tips, you are surely going to land the perfect one, and that too without too much of a hassle!

1. Don’t skip that meal – Yes, a seemingly silly piece of advice, which if not heeded, can ruin your entire experience! A growling belly can work its way up to your mood, and make you growl at everything. Losing patience in a matter as important as your wedding dress selection is too much of a risk!

2. Go well-groomed – An instant confidence booster and mood-lifter, a well-groomed look will earn praises from own reflection in the mirror, as you try on dress after dress! Moreover, it can give you an idea of how it will go with the actual makeup and hair combination.

3. The Right Shoes to Go – It is a good idea to take your wedding shoes along if you’ve already bought them (kudos!), or at least something similar that you may have in mind, when going to try-on dresses. A shoe can alter the fall of the dress, especially around the hems and you definitely can’t afford even a slight mix-up on D-day, considering the time you are spending in this exercise!

4. The Correct Undergarments – Very important! There are just too many options out there, and trying the dresses on with the correct undergarments can make a world of a difference on the fitting of that dress! It is ideal to carry with you some shape-wear and thongs, backless/strapless/push-up bras etc.

5. Have a budget worked-out – Once you are out there, you will be enticed with numerous eye-popping options, but make sure you stick like a leech to your budget. Remember that it is likely you may not get to wear it again, so it makes a good point to rather save that money for the honeymoon! A word of advice, do not attempt to try on the million-dollar gowns ‘just for fun’. You may just be so awed by it, that everything else that you see might pale in comparison!

6. The Dress-Code – Yes, you have got to adhere to your own dress code too! Whether a beach setting or a hotel wedding, make sure that you wear what works according to the environment, the background and the venue. The wedding is after all, also about the pictures, and you don’t want to be looking the odd one out at your own wedding!

7. Don’t make it a family occasion – Oh yes, this is one exciting drill for all the ladies, and no one wants to be left out – sisters, aunts, cousins, friends, colleagues, everyone wants to come with you! Remember, each one has a distinct style and perception, but you have your own, and yours is the one that matters the most! Too much advice, debating and discussion in the dress shop will only give you a headache. So, skip the entourage and head with the two or three who understand your style and can give you the best tips!

8. Be Open – You have your own style, and you have already thought up of some kind of a dress that you’d like. But, you may be surprised sometimes with the styles, cuts, lengths that you never thought would look good on you! So be open while choosing a dress, and ensure to try on as many as you can!

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