The Great Gatsby Inspired Hairstyle Tutorial

One of the most popular movies of all time, The Great Gatsby, has inspired thousands of women to make beautiful hairstyle and makeup tutorials. Everything in the movie is magical and looks like a beautiful symphony of colors, acting and music. For today’s hairstyle tutorial, we have a Gatsby inspired one, which will beautifully accompany any special night outfit. It is outstanding and glamorous and be ready to find out how to make it as we will show you. See the images, the directions and the video below to find the procedure.

The Great Gatsby Inspired Hairstyle Tutorial

What you will need:
– curling iron;
– bobby pins;
– lots of hair clips;
– hair comb;
– vintage hair accessory;
– hairspray;
– a few hair bands.

1. Comb your hair and separate it into 2 sections, the first one you will gather with a hair clip and the second one will actually be a very small section in the back, you will leave it loose for now.
2. Separate the small section into two and braid both of them.
3. Once you have braided them, secure them with some bobby pins as you can see in the pictures.
4. Now, take small hair strands from the rest of the hair and start curling them with the iron. After you have finished one strand, secure it with a hair clip.
5. Curl all of your hair then apply a little hairspray over the curls.
6. Release the curls and comb the hair to loosen it and obtain something that looks more like some beachy waves.
7. Every hair strand that is longer, attach it to the back side with the bobby pins (pin the hair over the braids).
8. Use the hair accessory and your glam look is ready! Remember to use the right makeup and clothing for the maximum effect!

Photo courtesy: twistmepretty.

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