Planning for a trip to Bali? Or Maldives, maybe?  Thinking of spending a week in French Polynesia? Or maybe in Carribean? No matter where you go, planning a vacation to the beach is both exciting and exhausting. You would have to pack your favorite swimsuits, sun block cream, glasses, and much more. Think you’ve packed it all? Maybe not. If you’re about to visit an island or a beach, you may want to take a look at this floating bed. Floating bed?, you may ask. Is there anything such as a floating bed?  This chic, simple white bed made by New Zealand designer David Trubridge is eye-popping, obviously in a good way.

The bed, is actually half raft in the same time, and is a breathtaking combination of traditional canopy bed and a floating boat. The secret? Made of native New Zealand Totara, a water resistant timber, the bed provides a surreal relaxing experience without being wet. The acrylic fabric finished in Teflon covers the base of the float, and the fabric used elsewhere is especially designed for outdoor activity to absorb and evaporate liquid quickly.

The Float Bed

The bed, produced by Trubridge’s company, Okooko, aims to provide a feeling of security with its cocoon shape. Designed to lull you to sleep, the bed can be moved around easily, enabling you to use it anywhere, even on dry land.

Regardless of your getaway destination, The Float Bed is your number one companion. Your heart may agree, but your wallet may say otherwise. The bed costs a whopping $25.000, probably as much as your tour package. Nevertheless, if you have decided you’d like to try how it feels sleeping while drifting in a calm water, The Float Bed will worth every cent.

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