The Easiest Way to Make a French Twist

A hairstyle goes a long way to compliment your attire, but it also has a purpose behind it! A hairstyle that keeps hair away from your face and neck is ideal for a fuss-free work environment. Apart from that, in summers it can help you beat the heat, and in winters you can show off your trendy scarf wrapped snug around your neck! The French twist can knock out some with its complexity, but here we teach you a trick that is easy to learn, simple to execute and looks just as good as the actual French twist! Let’s go over it now:

1. Make two sections of your hair, a top and a bottom. Make sure that the upper section runs horizontally from ear to ear;

2. With the top half, twist the hair and secure with bobby pins to hold it. This will leave you with a tail (Don’t worry yet, you are not turning into a Pussycat Doll, read on!);

3. Make a braid of this tail;

4. With the remaining loose hair of the lower section, wrap the braid neat and tight and secure with bobby pins;

5. You’d ideally now have a neat hair-do with the tail of the braid sticking out from underneath. Tuck this tail under the French twist and again, secure with bobby pins.

Out with the hand-mirrors! Check out how graceful this hairstyle looks from the back. And obviously from the front too, with the way it frames your pretty face!

French Twist Hairstyle

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