Tarnished Copper Nails – DIY Tutorial

Some copper statues, once they get older and older and from weather conditions they turn green. This color combination of copper and green can be an awesome inspiration for a nails tutorial and we are sure you haven’t thought about doing this so far. For a vintage and interesting look, this tutorial is perfect and even if it seems complicated to be done, it is quite easy once you understand the steps. Get your polishes ready and start the work!

Tarnished Copper Nails - DIY Tutorial

What you will need:
– copper coloured nail polish (in this tutorial it is used the Old Park Lane shade);
– a variety of minty green and blue nail polishes (from darker to lighter ones);
– a spoon;
– two small sponges;
– top coat
– acetone and q-tips (to remove polish from skin).

1. Start with painting the back of the spoon with the copper nail polish. You want to paint the entire back of it.
2. From the darkest green shade to the lightest one, paint half of the spoon with them, layer by layer, using a slightly wet sponge.
3. With the other sponge, which again, you want it to be slightly wet, dab the colors to your nails. First dab the sponge to the spoon, then dab the sponge to the nail, basically transfer the polish to each and every nail.
4. Put more polish on the spoon if not enough.
5. Clean your skin with some acetone and q-tips and finish with a top coat.
6. Remember that you have to move fast in order to make your nails looking like this, you don’t want to leave enough time for the polish from the spoon to dry. So, with a little speed the polish won’t dry and your nails will be ready faster.

Photo courtesy: baddeleyite.

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