Pretty Fingerless Gloves – DIY (3)

Chic Fingerless Gloves – DIY

Any chic girl knows that nowadays, if you wish to make a special gift to someone, it is much more valuable if you make it yourself, putting some effort into it so that you can
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Baby-Merc Sledges

Sledges for babies
Since for ever, parents struggled to take care of the little ones when taking a walk outside in the snow. It is known how difficult
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Crochet helmet diy

Medieval Crochet Helmet – DIY

Create a fantastic medieval crochet helmet and keep your face warm while ”slaying dragons”. You will need: - crochet hooks; - thicker yarn in two different colors. The images below will give you an idea
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how to knit Hedgehog Mittens

How to Knit Hedgehog Mittens – DIY

Sweet winter hats representing cute animal faces and heads made their way onto the style scene in this season. Though considering they appeared up late in the ”show”, the trend will likely go on next
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