knitted scarf

Fashionable Crochet Scarf – DIY

When in doubt, wear a scarf! This is the advice we would like to share to you today. Try to add to your wardrobe some interesting funny as over-elegant scarves that can be adapted to
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Easy No-sew Infinity Wrap Knock-Off

Multi Way Wrap – DIY

Inspired by Bina Brianca "The Bina", the multi-way wrap/scarf/cardigan is so easy to make without sewing. You will need: -stretch fabric, such as a rayon or cotton jersey; -scissors; -tailor meter. How to make it:
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Every Way Wrap

Every Way Wrap
Okmin Park is the ingenious designer of Every Way Wrap. She transforms a simple rectangle, an complex reversible cable, and two great-positioned buttons into a
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braid a scarf

Ingenious Way to Braid a Scarf

Although it looks complicated, this scarf style is easy to tie. Just double up the scarf and wrap it around your neck. Now, follow the steps below: 1. Drape the scarf keeping one end shorter,
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