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Beautiful Braided Rug – DIY

Beautiful Braided Rug – DIY

Who doesn’t know about the eternal problem in a modern home: rugs? Those of us, who have grandmothers in the country side, might remember this technique of braiding rugs out of old shirts. Yes! From
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Amazing Loft Apartment in Milano

Situated in the centre of Milan, this warm and cozy loft is dedicated for both, leisure and business. The apartment, located in a former soap factory, was projected by Frederic Gooris and Werner Silvestri. Its extraordinary
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Stylish Apartment Design in Berlin

This beautiful apartment was designed by the owner himself, Peter Fehrentz, an interior designer. He completed the design of his 60 square meters apartment in Schöneberg, an up-and-coming,
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The Honeycomb Shelves – DIY

This pretty honeycomb style shelving unit is a project that has the role to add an interesting sense to any living room. The idea of honeycomb shelvings can be easily put in practice and bring
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