Stylish T-shirt made from a blouse – DIY

Stylish T-shirt – DIY

This project helps you to give a fashionable look to an old shirt. Inspired by OurLifeIsBeautiful, this idea is a great one to save money and be stylish at the same time. You will need:
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The Bag TV

The Bag TV
Latest fashion accessory, the Bag TV allows you to outwardly carry your TV everywhere you go. Might sound a little weird at first, but it’s
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DIY bow back t-shirt

Bow Back T-shirt – DIY

Be creative and turn your t-shirt into a beautiful fashion hit by making some bows on the back. You will need: - t-shirt; - textile patterns; - scissors; - sewing machine; - needle and thread.
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Creative Ways to Use Buttons

Decorate your home, your accessories and garments in a chic, funny and special style using buttons – those indispensable objects in the field of tailoring. Have you ever thought of using them in any other
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Ramp Trends for Home Decor

The biggest trend to hit home décor fashion has been doing the rounds until very recently, and is now an established arm of interior design. Ramp fashion has found its way into the homes of
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